Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

The day is not quite over, so we can still say Happy World Down Syndrome Day!  This is a special day for raising awareness and educating people about Down syndrome, and proclaiming the joy our loved ones with Down syndrome bring to our lives.

Here is a beautiful article that was forwarded to me today, written by Savannah Guthrie about her Uncle Pierce:  Savannah Guthrie: What World Down Syndrome Day means to me 

Pierce Franklin Long, Jr. was born on July 5, 1933. He was my mother’s older brother, my grandparents’ first child, their only son. Because he was born so close to the Fourth of July, my grandmother used to call him, “my little firecracker.” And it’s true that Pierce always sparkled with life and personality, with humor and charm....
Read the rest of this touching tribute to Savannah's Uncle Pierce here

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