Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Please keep Leticia in your prayers

Please keep KIDS co-founder Leticia Velasquez in your prayers.  She has eye cancer (ocular melanoma, I believe it is called?), and is undergoing surgery today to remove the cancer behind her eye. 

Thank you!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Give your testimony about your child, you never know who is listening

Vickey Martinez Mev Shared this with me on Facebook today. I am about to undergo surgery for a uveal melanoma on my right eye and my Facebook friends are rallying around me in love and prayer. Eileen and I were interviewed by Colleen Carroll Campbell two years ago for her show "Faith & Culture" on EWTN. It is shown now and again on EWTN. 

Leticia be assured of my prayers for you. I am petitioning all of heaven for your healing. Last year around this time, it was me in the surgical unit having my gall bladder removed. While I was being prepped I had the nurse set the television to EWTN and I was so excited to see a familiar face- it was YOU giving an interview about Downs Syndrome! I listened and I thought about you, how you shared your testimony and how wonderful that the Lord gave you this beautiful gift, your little girl Christina! She is indeed precious! You brought me comfort and strength right before my surgery because I couldn't help but think what a strong spirit you must have, having accepted, met, and overcome the challenges this world has put before you! I stand by you my friend to show the world that a perfect life is not worldly, it is spiritual and you have attained treasures in love and joy! The world needs you, your family needs you, we, your facebook friends need you- to carry out the holy work God placed on your heart! Praying for your healing- Gods will be done! Love and hugs!!!