Monday, January 8, 2018

KIDS 10th Annual Gathering at the March for Life!

KIDS will be holding its 10th Annual Gathering at this year's March for Life in Washington, D.C.  More than ever, it is important to have a presence of support for unborn babies with Down syndrome at the March for Life, as more accurate prenatal tests are developed and administered to facilitate terminating the lives of these precious babies.  KIDS will be there for anyone one who would like to join us in representing unborn babies with Down syndrome in the March.

KIDS is open to families who have a child with Down syndrome, anyone who has a family or friend with Down syndrome, or anyone who has a heart for them.  Here is the information for our gathering this year: 
Friday, January 19, 2017
10:30 a.m. to Noon
National Right to Life Committee
512 10th Street, NW

The National Right to Life Committee generously provides sandwiches, snacks, and beverages, in addition to a space to meet.  While enjoying refreshments, families and friends of individuals with Down syndrome will have time to visit with each other.  Several families return each year, and it is a nice reunion.  We welcome new attendees as well!

If you plan on joining us, please e-mail Eileen. (See the WELCOME TO KIDS section to the right.)  Even if it is a last minute decision, we would love to see you there!

NRLC is conveniently located a few blocks from the National Mall where the Rally is held and where the March begins.  We will bundle up and head over to the Mall around noon.

Photo courtesy of Ron Setran of Youths With a Mission Metro New York

We look forward to the day when we can hold an annual celebration of the end of legalized abortion of unborn babies with Down syndrome, and all unborn babies.  But for now, we will March in solidarity with these innocent lives, proclaim the joy our family members and friends with Down syndrome bring to our lives, and hope and pray that our witness will save lives.

As the motto for this year's March for Life proclaims:  Love Saves Lives!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Keep Infants with Down Syndrome (KIDS) Event at the 2017 March for Life

Do you have a family member or friend with Down syndrome and are planning on attending the 2017 March for Life?  Please consider joining Keep Infants with Down Syndrome (KIDS) the morning of January 27th before the march!  We have families and individuals who return each year, and almost always see new faces as well.

We will begin gathering at 10:30 at the National Right to Life Committee headquarters, and after enjoying sandwiches and refreshments, will head over to the March for Life, just a few blocks away,.  We will walk together as a group, carrying our KIDS banner and signs.  Here's the important information:

Date:        Friday, January 27, 2017
Time:       10:30 - Noon
Place:       National Right to Life Committee
                   512 10th Street, NW    
                   Washington, DC
Contact:   Eileen Haupt   
(It would be helpful to know you are planning to attend the KIDS event at NRLC.  Please see side panel for contact information.)

Please see the following article on NRLC News about this year's KIDS event.

What a powerful witness it is for children and adults with Down syndrome, together with their families and friends, to walk as a group in the March for Life!  Come join us in celebrating the lives of individuals with Down syndrome, born and unborn, and in raising awareness about how routine prenatal testing and abortion are targeting their very existence.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Join KIDS at NRLC Prior to the March for Life

Epic Storm or no epic storm, we will be holding our annual gathering before the March for Life in D.C.   Do you have a child with Down syndrome and will be attending the March for Life?  Or do you have a friend or relative or just want to show support for unborn babies with Down syndrome?  You are welcome to join us at the KIDS event, and later walk with us as a group in the March for Life.  Here are the details:  

When:   Friday, January 22nd, from 10:30 - Noon
Where:  National Right to Life Committee headquarters (512 10 St. NW)

NRLC is generously providing sandwiches and refreshments.  Their office is located only a few blocks from the National Mall, where the March for Life rally is being held; so we will walk over to the mall around Noon to join the rally and march.

It would be helpful to know how many to expect, so if you are planning on joining us at NRLC, our contact information is on the right-hand side of this page.  Though if you don't get a chance to contact us, don't let that stop you from dropping by.

Safe travels!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Knowing the truth about your baby with Down syndrome

Dating sites are very popular these days. You fill out a profile and find your ideal mate for life. Naturally, most profiles are a bit flattering, “energetic, attractive man who loves candlelit dinners and walks on the beach. . . .” Imagine a profile with no photo and the following description: I have mental delays and physical challenges including; heart defects, low muscle tone, hearing loss, visual impairment, spinal instability, increased tendency towards obesity and leukemia, shorter lifespan and limited prospects for happiness.
Most people would avoid this poor individual like the plague. Yet that is precisely the description given to women expecting a baby with Down syndrome. Nothing positive, only a laundry list of possible defects. The perfect baby she has been dreaming of has been reduced to a nightmare of neediness. No wonder from 75 to 92% of pregnant women receiving a pre-natal diagnosis of Down syndrome chose to abort their baby. In one fourth of doctors’ offices, it is the doctor who holds up this list as an attorney citing evidence stating “This life is not worth living.”
The mother of the unborn baby with Down syndrome is often under relentless pressure from her spouse, relatives and even her  own conscience as it is suggested “Think of your other children, what would having a baby like that do to them?” Who is speaking for the silent child at this point? As prenatal screening is performed earlier than ever, before the mother has developed a relationship with the baby in the womb, she has no idea how to counter the onslaught of bad news and, too often, has little knowledge of the positive aspects of raising a child with Down syndrome.
That’s where advocacy groups are filling the gap. From diagnosis to adulthood, those who are blessed to know people with Down syndrome are flooding the media with joyful images of fulfilling lives lived with an extra chromosome. My group, KIDS Keep Infants with Down Syndrome, has marched in the March for Life since 2009 to call attention to the joy of life with someone with Down syndrome. When we started, we were considered a novelty, but now I am happy to say, Down syndrome is quickly becoming cool.  Target, and Nordstrom’s feature ads with models with Down syndrome and a Spanish bathing suit designer chose an adorable baby with Down syndrome as her model. Award winning films like “Produce” about a man with Down syndrome whose work has become an inspiration, are available on the Internet. A TV reality show based on Tim’s Place, an Albuquerque restaurant where hugs are on the menu is coming next season.
Science is contributing to the wave of positive news about Down syndrome with six promising clinical trials of medicine to help ameliorate cognitive delays and suggestions on how the diagnosis of Down syndrome can be made in a more patient friendly manner. After all, there are two patients involved! A 2011 survey of families who include someone with Down syndrome by Dr. Brian Skotko provides insight into day to day life; ninety-nine percent of parents were happy with their child with Down syndrome and those with Down syndrome reported an equal amount of happiness with their lives. Ninety seven percent of siblings reported that they had become better people thanks to their sibling with Down syndrome.
I know this to be true as our entire family has become more compassionate, more giving, and more able to stop and smell the roses since our youngest daughter Christina was born with Down syndrome in 2002. Now we just want to help the world to see as my friend Eileen Haupt, the co-founder of KIDS says, ”Doctors can tell you about the challenges which come with a child with Down syndrome but they can’t tell you about the love they bring.”