Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome Drew Mariani listeners!

Drew Mariani was kind enough to give us his support for our kids on his show on Relevant Radio today, he was shocked when he read the statistic which is all too familiar to us; that 92%. If you are from his show, please leave a comment below to say hello and join our Facebook group. 
. Thank you Drew, for allowing me to share the joy Christina brings into my family. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

KIDS to be discussed on the Drew Mariani Show Tomorrow.

I will be discussing KIDS tomorrow at 3:30 EST on the Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio.
Tune in if you get the chance.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mike Sullivan loves our kids!

Read my blog post over at National Right to Life News about Mike Sullivan, the engineer from New Zealand who is suing  his government over eugenic abortion in the International Criminal Court. I hope this idea catches on, it means that this could be done in every nation which has signed onto the Rome Treaty and has universal pre-natal testing for Down syndrome and other anomalies.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Zealander Mike Sullivan stands up for our children

 Following TV3's 60 Minutes(on New Zealand television) documentary on June 12 “Down but not out'', parents of children with Down syndrome announced they will lodge a complaint with the International Criminal Court against the Governments screening programme for Down syndrome.

The basis of the parents' complaint is that the Government's antenatal screening programme specifically targets foetuses with Down syndrome and other rare genetic conditions, through the prevention of their births.

 The 60 Minutes documentary was introduced with the statement “people with Down syndrome may soon disappear from the face of the earth.'' 60 Minutes revealed the new screening programme was introduced without public consultation and the Ministry of Health “did not bother'' asking the opinion of anyone who has Down syndrome, about the programme.

Mike Sullivan, father of three-year-old Rebecca Sullivan who has Down syndrome, featured in the 60 Minutes documentary. He said people with Down syndrome and other disabilities are human beings who live full and rewarding lives. “They must be treated on an equal basis with other members of our society, without any form of discrimination.''

De-Anne Jensen, mother of three with her oldest son having Down syndrome also featured on 60 Minutes. “Government documents say it costs less not to have children with Down syndrome around, so it looks like they are working to do away with Down syndrome. It's cheaper; you don't have to pay for the special needs things. The Government and medical experts are putting a monetary value on our baby's lives,'' Mrs Jensen said.

 The parents' complaint references Government Cabinet papers obtained under the Official Information Act stating the outcomes of the programme will be a reduction in the number of births of
people with Down syndrome, with around 90% of unborn children diagnosed with the condition being terminated. The persecution of an identifiable group of the civilian population through the prevention of births is specifically prohibited under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, to which New Zealand is signatory.

The group is supported by parents with other disabilities that are being similarly targeted and other organisations who support their concerns.

The groups position statement is that genetic screening must not be used to prevent the birth of unborn children with Down syndrome, or cause harm to any unborn child.

The group recognises genetic testing may help some parents prepare for the birth of a child with Down syndrome. Any testing must respect the life and integrity of the unborn child, cause no harm, be only directed towards safeguarding or healing the unborn child and be presented in a way that does not discriminate against people with Down syndrome or any disability. Any testing must be developed in full engagement with those with Down syndrome.

See Mike Sullivan's interview on 60 Minutes. 
For further
information contact:

Mike Sullivan, 09
436 1498 0r 021 406 266 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Welcome Faith and Culture Viewers!

If you are looking up this blog after seeing Eileen and I interviewed by Colleen Carroll Campbell on "Faith and Culture", welcome! We are happy you are here, and welcome you to KIDS Keep Infants with Down Syndrome, an organization begun to help moms make the decision to keep their child with Down syndrome and give them life.
We want you to know that you are not alone, that life with a child with Down syndrome is a challenge, but there are rewards beyond what you can imagine. As Eileen says "the diagnosis of Down syndrome can never tell you the joy this child will bring to your life". We want to tell you about life with our daughters and hear your story.
We want to get to know you, so leave a comment so we can welcome you into our online family!
Come over to my blog Cause of Our Joy, to share in the daily life with my nine year old Christina, and see why she is the cause of my joy.

Friday, June 3, 2011

KIDS on EWTN's "Faith and Culture"

Leticia and Eileen are going to be guests on EWTN's "Faith & Culture" show, hosted by Colleen Carroll Campbell, this coming Sunday!  We will discuss KIDS, the high abortion rate of babies with Down syndrome, the blessings of having a child with Down syndrome, and other issues related to Down syndrome.
The time is not convenient for church-goers, but it also repeats on Wednesday.  So here are the times. 
Sunday 6/5 @ 10:30 a.m.  EST
Wednesday 6/8 @ 11:00 p.m. EST

If you don't subscribe to cable TV, but you have high-speed internet access, you can watch EWTN on-line at this link: http://www.ewtn.com/audiovideo/index.asp  (I have good luck with the 300K speed)
We would be honored if you would watch the show, if your schedule allows.
We are so grateful that God has given us this opportunity to reach such a wide audience to raise awareness about the plight of unborn babies with Down syndrome.